The sun was burning hot, when I first dared dip my toes in the water… First time out this summer, and I am back with all the little things I tried and loved!

Number 1: I love my new bathing suit by Calzedonia! White and blue with square blue rhinestones adorning the bra, it’s just as glam as I my lifestyle can handle (just a little bit).

RFI1059 SN01059-1
Calzedonia serie Aloe


Number 2: LIERAC’s SUNIFIC PREPARATEUR is a new serum that you use on your face and body to prepare the skin for exposure to the sun, and to make sure you get a sublime tan once you do. This active phyto-cosmetics product works using sweet orange flavonoids, fresh cells of carrot, as well as some delicious smelling oils (monoi especially) which also make it delightful to use. Now, I do not tan, that means I look like I have a healthy tan at around the end of August, so I have to say, this product reallly made a difference. How else can you explain that after spending an hour at the beach under the shade most of the time, and after 5 p.m., I returned home with a – barely but still – visible tan line? Wow! Now, the only problem for some of us is we cannot program ourselves exactly to start using this prep serum two weeks before we start our beach adventures; however, even a couple of days, worked for me…

LIERAC Sunific Preparateur


Number 3: The new NUXE SUN Delicious Cream For Face, is indeed delicious! I am a fan of everything Nuxe, and the gorgeous smells are a big part of why… This cream transports the brand’s luxury experience to the beach. Despite the high SPF protection, it is not too thick, not too greasy, it is easily absorbed, and it smells absolutely fantastic!

Creme Delicieuse Visage SPF 30 NUXE SUN
NUXE SUN Creme Delicieuse Visage

Number 4: NIVEA In Shower After Sun Lotion. Now, this is another new product that I loved! If you have tried the extremely successful body conditioners by NIVEA, you know how this one works. You use it in the shower, you wash, rinse, apply the After Sun conditioner, rinse again (careful, it may become slippery inside the tub) and you are moisturised and ready to dress! What’s even more, this After-sun smells fresh, like cucumber and lemon blossoms, and that cool, fresh aroma remains on your skin long after you’ve showered! This one has already become one of my summer favorites!

NIVEA SUN_In shower aftersun
NIVEA SUN In shower aftersun

Number 5: I read a lot and, during the summer, I like to mix new stuff with the classics! So, I started out with The Cuckoo’s Calling, by Robert Galbraith, which I loved! Read about it in our go out/books section! I then went on to «War and Peace», thought it was high time, but that opus you probably already know about- plus I’m only through the first 700 pages, so…!

Number 6: I love my TV shows, and the summer is perfect to catch up on all these talked about shows you’ve missed! So that was «Death in Paradise» for me, a fabulous, light-hearted yet complex British whodunnit – this and my proposed summer series watch list soon to come!

Don’t you just love summer?