Corruption, manoeuvring, citizen manipulation, special interests, intrigue, deceit, and crime: in a word, politics. And before you jump to the conclusion we’re talking about politics in your country, let me relieve you with the news that this is fiction (really!) and that what I just described only unfolds in the compelling drama series everybody talks about (really!).
HOUSE OF CARDS is a hard-core political drama, and a highly successful experiment by NetFlix; each of the two seasons became available at once causing a stir each time!
We are talking about a hero who is an architect of evil, dialogue that cuts like a knife, and, of course, the great Kevin Spacey, who I have personally never seen greater than this! Francis Underwood, a U.S. congressman plays a long strategic game of chess which involves every kind of unethical, devious, criminal method to rise to the top of the political ladder and take revenge.
Along with his wife (played brilliantly by Robin Wright) they have created a power couple of, indeed, Shakespearean dimensions…
And we are talking a production that includes cinematographic ingenuity: let me give you an idea (no spoilers here!) End of episode one, season two, last scene: close up to the cufflinks which our hero has just received as a birthday present: FU (!) Francis Underwood’s initials, of course, but also, a message of this anti-hero – to us as well as his foes – about what’s about to unfold!