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02 Ιούν 2023

About us!

You go, girl! – We adore life


We just cannot stop talking!

We have a long working career as journalists; we have done interviews, reports, fashion, beauty, travel, culture… you name it!

We have worked next to one another (literally, our desks were next to one another!) for about 15 years, for Eleftherotypia, a now, sadly deceased, then prestigious newspaper in Athens, Greece… We still keep on writing though, still keep on thinking, debating, discovering, researching, stuff we think women care about.

You go, girl! started because – job or no job – we just cannot stop talking about all these things we find fascinating! Hopefully, you, girls, will find our stories fascinating too!

Vassiliki Kanellopoulou & Tina Kouloufakou