My latest discovery:  Galénic Ophycée rejuvenating eye care

I am constantly trying on different eye creams – if everyone has an issue with their skin, mine is in the sensitive, fragile area around the eyes. Though that does not make me happy, it does make me sort of an expert in eye skincare products. So when I am telling you this cream I discovered,  Galénic Ophycée rejuvenating eye care, has astounded me, you better read on!

galenic ophycee
Galénic Ophycée soin jeunesse des yeux

The product: This is not a new product, mind you, just one I happened to come across lately. The Ophycée line of the French brand Galénic is based on blue algae extract of 100% natural origin which is said to boost the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. This eye cream targets comprehensively every issue of the skin around the eyes: crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness. In a 15ml jar, it comes with micro-massage instructions that you can use to tone the skin and help the product absorb better.

The test drive: I love that this cream is light blue! I love that I can also use it on the upper eyelid. I love the texture, soft, cool, light and the smell, and the oh, so soothing sensation. Now, I don’t know if it was the little massage I tried, following the instructions, but I immediately saw the puffiness around the eyes vanish! I was honestly amazed! Since the first time I used this product – and it was sleepy, droopy, morning eyes, looking at me at the mirror – my eyes were instantly looking more rested, more youthful, and brighter (that was thanks to gold shimmer particles in the composition…)

The product is so delightful to use, and the results so obvious that within a week I was addicted both to the cream and to the micro-massage ritual! I can’t say much about the results on crow’s feet – one issue I do not have, so far – but on dark cirles, puffiness and dullness, this eye cream is the most impressive thing I have tried in years!

Now, I am looking forward to test-driving the other Ophycée line productsthese blue algae secrets of the Pierre Fabre laboratories, seem quite intriguing!