This is a wildly successful product by my beloved Korres. Boosted with Wild Rose oil, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, it promises to work wonders while you are sleeping. So, the #overnightproject was simple. Use it once, and review it the next morning. “Will you join?”, they asked. Well… let me sleep on it!

I followed the rules to a T: before bed, clean face, use WILD ROSE SLEEPING FACIAL, sleep tight!

First thoughts (before bed): It smells wonderful! Its soufflé texture melts onto the skin and is absorbed in seconds…


#theovernightproject by Korres and… goodmorning, sunshine!

I open my eyes next morning, stumble out of bed, still half-asleep… you know when you hardly remember who you are? – Let alone how old you are, or which KORRES project you got working on… – First look in the mirror “Why do my eyes look so tired?” Then it occurrs to me, it’s not that my eyes look tired, it’s that the rest of my face looks so rested! The skin looked fresher, smoother, more radiant, younger!

Overnight face to eyes age difference, about 7 to 10 years!

In conclusion, this product does make a difference. I am looking forward to a similar EYE mask sleeping facial!