Music, painting, poetry, photography, dance… What is art? That is a huge discussion, one that is not worth doing on my own! What is certain though is that, at the Art Links Athens 2014 next week, everybody is sure to find an expression of art that speaks to their heart – theoretical discussions included!

Anna Plioni-Zilfidou – Photography

A six day event at The Hub, in Gazi, with exhibitions, live concerts, talks and workshops that hopes to link us, the audience and the artists in a creative experience. The Art Links international art collective, who organize this in a different country every year, believe that “art is a curiosity; it asks questions, gives opinions, creates insight, feeds dreams and produces growth. Our vision is to create an art space of circular energy: moving, giving, taking, becoming; an endless circle of creative energy in which all are engaged and through which creative energy is freely exchanged…”

There is so much I wanna see, I don’t know where I’ll find the time! You see, stand up comedian Katerina Vrana will be there, giving a show in Enlgish and one in Greek. And I just cannot miss the Second Line parade coming all the way from New Orleans, not after watching Treme all these seasons! Victoria Hislop will be there to talk, and there is going to be a swing band… who couldn’t use a bit of feelgood fun – especially in this country?

And then, there are the workshops, so interesting, like the Samba Reggae Drums, the raw food diet, there are photography lessons (and I could use some help with my selfies!) and even drawing for beginners! It all sounds like a lot of fun, so I guess I’ll see you there!

Ziggy Hadjipateras – Photography


Art Links Data

Where? The Hub Events, 5 Alkminis Str., K.PetralonaGazi Area, Athens
When? 17 – 22 October 2014 (Friday through Wednesday from noon till… after midnight!)
How much? General Admission is 2€. Tickets for the concerts and the stand up comedy show are 10€.

More Good news: Half of the proceeds from the general admission tickets will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation Greece.


Alex Bouris - Photography
Alex Bouris - Photography
Lena Blonsky - Wood Acrylic Painting
Lena Blonsky - Wood Acrylic Painting
Raw Food
Raw Food
Samba Reggae Drums
Samba Reggae Drums


Friday 17 October
19:00 Opening Night Festivities begin
20:00 Welcome to Art Links – various speakers
21:15 Susan Norton – cello
22:00 The Swing Shoes feat. SugahSpank! – Live Swing Band

Saturday 18 October
19:00 Bobby Blazoudakis presents High on Crescent Hill (Free event)
10 Euros ticket to see both:
21:00 Katerina Vrana – comedy – English language show
22:30 Idra Kayne – Live Rock and Soul Band


Sunday 19 October
14:00 Katerina Rodiou Ballet School – Hip Hop performance (free event)
17:30 Chasing Athens – book launch with Marissa Tejada (free event)
18:00 Maraveya Catwalk Event – designer Vivianna Maravegias (free event)
10 Euros ticket to see both:
21:00 Vicky B. & the Acoustic Troubles – Live Blues Music
22:30 Simos Kokavesis & the Blues Co. – Live Blues Music

Monday 20 October
19:00 Victoria Hislop – speaks about ‘The Importance of Books’ (free event)
21:00 Dimitris Vassilakis – Live Jazz Music (free event)


Tuesday 21 October
14:00 Poetry Reading – followed by Q&A with poets (free event)
16:00 Novel Reading – followed by Q&A with authors (free event)
10 Euros ticket to see both:
21:00 Katerina Vrana – comedy – Greek language show
22:30 The Funkey – Live Music Event

Wednesday 22 October
21:30 New Orleans Second Line – traditional New Orleans Brass Band Parade through Gazi and into Art Links (free event)
22:30 Gumbo YaYa – Live New Orleans Style Music (Free Event)


For more Information and Tickets:—athens-2014.html