Got any plans for July 17th? I’ve got a suggestion. Picture a special tribute to the Beatles, at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus (Herodion, as we like to call it, here), under the little-less-than-full July moon! I can’t think of a better combination for a foreign visitor to Athens – or a native, for that matter…


beatles1I love the Beatles, always have, always will; I have seen all the movies – true, most seem so dated nowadays – I have danced to them like a crazy person, I have taught them to young English learners (Love, love me do is perfect for a beginner), I have sang them in loud, happy groups with guitars, I have heard countless covers, and even sat through the – not always brilliant, but rather touching – Grammy tribute for their 50th anniversary in the USA. And, while the Cirque de Soleil tribute, is on my to-do list, here comes this tribute, right here:

This tribute to the Beatles features a majestic ancient theater, a wonderful orchestra, Armonia Atenea ( the new international name of the Athens Camerata), a brilliant director, Miltos Logiadis, and the loveliest of the Beatles compositions – expertly arranged by Nikos Platyrrachos, capturing all the vigor and the unique style of their songs, while enhancing the sound with orchestral instruments. But these are songs, so you ‘ve also got your vocalists: Kostas Vasiliagos, Doros Demosthenous, Vasilis Gisdakis, Steve Kokkas and a guest appearance by MELISSES, a very popular band in Greece.

According to my latest update, there are still a few tickets left, but you’d better hurry!




Armonia Atenea – Miltos Logiadis

A Tribute to the Beatles

17 July, 21:00 

Ticket Prices

Zone Α: 30€
Upper tier: 15€
Students: 10€
Unemployed, People with Movement Difficulties: 5€