Persephone has been freed from the underworld. Literally returned to Mother Earth, she has been uncovered for the world to see.

The mosaic in Amphipolis. Persephone

She is the latest wonder unearthed inside the Amphipolis Tomb, one that fills me with wonder.

And it’s not because I’m Greek, trust me; It’s because this is a discovery of monumental proportions for the human civilisation. It’s because Art and Beauty from 2.3 millennia back, have made their way back to us.

This amazing mosaic depicting the Abduction of Persephone is an artistic masterpiece, and a true testament to Timeless, Ageless Beauty…

With her red-golden hair, empire-goddess frock, slim ribbon belt, and trendy hand-cuff bracelet, Persephone is abducted by a very macho-looking Pluto, while Hermes, the pretty-boy negotiator-god, and part-time guide to the Underworld, with wings on his feet, facilitates the operation…

Aside of all the excitement that any such discovery carries in us, our Indiana Jones instincts, there’s the mystifying symbolism that really leaves one speechless: Persephone has been saved from the Underworld, returned to Mother Earth…

According to the Myth, although eventually married to Pluto – or Hades, and Queen of the Underworld, Persephone was allowed to spend some time every year among the living, with her Mother (the goddess Dimiter). Each time Persephone returned, her Earth Mother rejoiced, the snow melted and spring came to the land… Well, here’s hoping we are due for a spring… all of us!