To all the friends of

Tina and I want to wish everyone a Happy, Jolly, Blissful, Merry Christmas

and an  Amazing, Inspiring, Fabulous New Year!


May we all find the warmth of true love,

the time to have fun,

the passion for life,

the wisdom to reflect,

the strength to endure any difficulty,

and the faith which we all share these days, wherever we are,

that the future, this new year

holds miracles for each and every one of us!

Now, I am getting corny… It’s these days, they really lift my spirits up! I wanna hug everybody – and I do, we’re Greek, we’re huge huggers! Anyway…

We’ll be relaxing through these days, like everyone, but keep an eye out for our ongoing posts on Facebook and on Instagram. There are some special gifts still to come to the lucky ones entering our contests (Greek residents only, sorry!)

Have lots of fun, people, and thank you for checking in on us!

Love, Vasso and Tina