In skirts and blouses, cardigans or shirts, gingham rules this summer.

Prints, whether florals, jungle or tribal are in fashion for yet another season. But we love the new addition:

It’s checked print, called gingham in England, or vichy in France (both words derived from villages where these textiles were made in the respective countries during the 1800s).


For me, vichy is inherently linked to Brigitte Bardot the style icon who made the fabric, well, iconic once upon a time. She even wore a pink vichy wedding gown when she married Jacques Charrier in June 1959!

Brigitte Bardot wedding, 1959


But it’s not just me, it seems some designers also had B.B. in mind when creating their collections for spring/summer 2015. See this delightful Michael Kors for example, juxtaposed to another iconic Bardot image:


michael kors2

But this season’s gingham, can be naughty, like grunge, or nice, like 50s style, it can even be edgy, like mod. Here’s some examples for you.

ginghamFred perry
Fred Perry

A lovely top by Fred Perry that can accomodate both sporty and chic looks.



Here’s two pieces by Primark combined in a fun free breezy look.

Asos gingham dress

This is a young, fun, breezy summer dress I discovered in ASOS.


Blair Eadie

And here’s fashion blogger Blair Eadie showing the Grease and the Mad Men look gingham style!

I personally got a maxi ginghan skirt that looks great with either booties or sandals. So always think how you can insert a trend into the way you dress and into your already existing wardrobe!