In the great fabulous world of fashion, Armani is a category all by himself. We are talking about the epitome of what’s timeless and impeccable, about amazing fabrics, elegant cuts and perfect seams, we are talking about the kind of classy luxury that will never stoop to ostentation; in other words, we are talking about what the high priestess of high fashion Coco Chanel defined as eternal: style!

And the new ad campaign for the winter 2014/15 Emporio Armani Collection exudes the style, charm and charisma of the House of Armani. Breathtaking scenery, a soundtrack that transports you to faraway places, the sweet melancholy of winter, oh, and some jackets that can make anyone want to start wearing jackets!

You can watch the amazing ad campaign here:


The campaign was created by Irish photographer Boo George, who chose to shoot at his homeland, and very rightly so. The haunting locale of Dollymount Strand isa beach on Bull Island, in the Dublin area. It’s not the kind of beach that inspires you for a typical day at the beach, rather the kind that inspires you for romantic walks on the wet sand, losing yourself just watching the ocean, reciting verses from notorious romantic poets… it also inspires you to wear some understated perfection Armani clothes, of course, signature line included, I mean if you wanna talk sublime… these cost more than a trip to Ireland, but well, one can always dream, right?