Who is this adorable kid and why are we crazy about her?

These last couple of days, while roaming instagram, I happened upon this image at least a dozen times, on different fashion or fashion inspiration accounts. Gorgeous, right?

anna pavaga

I had to find out more. I am not really comfortable with kid photos circulating on the internet, unless of course the child is a model with a career of exploding dimensions! So, hello, Anna Pavaga, fashion prodigy from Russia!

Anna (or Anya in her native tongue) was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2009, and has been modeling since the age of three! If you google her, you will find numerous youtube tribute videos created by her fans, hundreds of equally ultra cute photos and an instagram account that has recently reached 100K!

But why has this particular picture of Anna been reproduced so much from so many fashion IGers recently? One could argue that it’s the “cloning” effect you frequently encounter on instagram – a great photo is featured again and again until it reaches the majority of its 400 million active users. I, however, think it’s more than that.

This photo of Anna is the epitome of the girl that lives inside every woman. It’s about our innocence, our joy, about all the dreams we had when we felt that anything in life is possible, and that this world is a magical, wonderful place just waiting for us. Anna’s photo expresses the little princess we all are inside – no matter where we are from, no matter how old, or how cynical…

For me, since this photo was taken at the “Terrassa” restaurant in St. Petersburg, where I had an unforgetable dinner, just before Anna started her modeling career, it’s also like an omen for better days to come!

Looking forward to seeing more from this cutie pie!

Anna Pavaga – photo by Nadya Sokologorskaya